VIS-À-VIS Blind Date Candidates

 We are excited to introduce the opportunity
to become a Blind Date Candidate!

A Blind Date Candidate (a.k.a. BDC) is someone who is open to being set up on a blind date but is not an active VIS-À-VIS Client.

First Step: Are you up to date on what VIS-À-VIS is all about? If not, we ask that you familiarize yourself with how it works by clicking here.

Our FAQ below will answer everything else you’re curious about.

Become a Blind Date Candidate

Questions? Email us to chat with a dedicated Matchmaker.


What is a Blind Date Candidate (BDC)?

BDC’s are people within our database who have completed similar steps as a VIS-À-VIS Client in regards to our vetting process. We contact BDC’s when we have a compatible match for a blind date.

Why should you become a Blind Date Candidate (BDC)?

There is really no reason not to. If you are single, eligible and open to a blind date, there should be nothing stopping you.

How much does it cost?

There is a $60 per-date fee for each new blind date that we send you on. You are charged only when we have a match for you and are ready to set up the date. There are no upfront payments or other fees.

What is the difference between a VIS-À-VIS Client and a Blind Date Candidate (BDC)?

VIS-À-VIS Clients are people for whom we actively search for matches for. We do not actively search for matches for BDC’s. If you would prefer a more personalized and tailored approach to matchmaking, becoming a VIS-À-VIS Client might be a better fit. You can let us know that you are interested by clicking here.

Will I see photos of my dates beforehand?

Photos are not exchanged beforehand, and here’s why. Chemistry and attraction happen in person, not through a photo. This is where you have to trust our team of professional and passionate matchmakers. We will certainly take your physical preferences into account, however, the main focus is on having you meet someone who you will not only be attracted to but also have a connection with based on compatibility. This service is purposely designed to not be like online dating.

Where does the VIS-À-VIS take place?

All VIS-À-VIS dates take place at one of our partnered venues. You may be provided with a slight selection depending on the type of VIS-À-VIS you’ve chosen (Coffee, Brunch or Cocktails). Reservations, arrangements and other important details are taken care of on your behalf. The process is meant to be seamless.

Become a Blind Date Candidate

Questions? Email us anytime!

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