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VIS-À-VIS is a new and modern approach to meeting your Dashing counterpart.

With the success of Dashing Date’s singles events, we’ve kicked things up a notch! We took our fabulous recipe for connecting singles in group settings, changed a couple of magical ingredients and voilà: VIS-À-VIS saw the light of day. This one-on-one dating experience is designed for the busy, single professional.

We understand that you sometimes need life to work on your schedule, and this affordable service has you covered. Gone are the days of astonishingly huge matchmaking fees, VIS-À-VIS is your number one go-to service for a great blind date.

This service currently caters to single professionals in Montreal & Toronto.

Please review our general FAQ by scrolling down! Interested singles are asked to sign up at the link below after which a more detailed FAQ will follow.

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What is a VIS-À-VIS?

A VIS-À-VIS is a one-on-one coffee, brunch or cocktails date, hand-picked by your matchmaker. It is a face to face date lasting 45 minutes.

Will VIS-À-VIS introduce me to my soul mate?

We hope so as much as you! This service is for the busy professional who wishes to date on his/her time. But rest assured, the dates selected for you are based on compatibility and the likeliness of chemistry.

Will I see photos of my dates beforehand?

Photos are not exchanged beforehand, and here’s why. Chemistry and attraction happen in person, not through a photo. This is where you have to trust our team of professional and passionate matchmakers. We will certainly take your physical preferences into account, however, the main focus is on having you meet someone who you will not only be attracted to but also have a connection with based on compatibility. This service is purposely designed to not be like online dating. 

Where does the VIS-À-VIS take place?

All VIS-À-VIS dates take place at one of our partnered venues. You may be provided with a slight selection depending on the type of VIS-À-VIS you’ve chosen (lunch, brunch or happy hour). Reservations and arrangements are taken care of on your behalf.

How much does it cost?

VIS-À-VIS is meant to be a fair and affordable service which is why we work on a pay-as-you-go basis. This format allows you to only pay for the dates that you go on and take breaks as needed. For exact pricing, please contact us by email or let us know you are interested in learning more by clicking here.

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