Speed Plating Was Awesome!


We recently held our very first Speed Plating event at Vargas Steakhouse. It was a scrumptious twist to our regular speed dating events, as guests dined and participated in the assembling of tapas-style meals with one another. It was the perfect way to enjoy good food in good company!

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Another wonderful aspect to the event was having Chef David from Vargas Steakhouse very much involved every step of the way. He presented each meal throughout the evening, and for the last dish, their Asian Chef did a demonstration which was enjoyable to watch.



Here’s a look at what the menu was like:

1. Grilled Vegetable Brushetta

2. Prosciutto, grilled pineapple and cherry tomato skewers

3. Salmon tartare

4. Beef sliders

5. Asian chicken and vegetable rice paper wraps


Rum cocktails served at the start of evening




Ingredients to make salmon tartare




Delicious cheesecake dessert


The evening ended with dessert and coffee and gave guests the chance to mingle with those they felt a connection with. Matches made that night were provided the following day as usual, plus a special bonus; recipes from the evening were also provided, courtesy of Cook and Date, our partner for this fab event.

If you missed out, do not fret! It was such a success that there are many more to come. You will see Speed Plating’s listed in our Upcoming Events about every six weeks!

Until next time, Happy Plating!

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