You’re picky about who you date. It only makes sense that we should be picky about who you date too. We understand that you want to meet other like-minded singles that share similar lifestyles. Our screening process is in place to help achieve this.

A date is supposed to be fun and enjoyable! It seems people have forgotten this. Our mission is for you to have a good time dating at our events. To help achieve this goal, we screen people; it helps us select those whom we feel will make for great company so that you leave our events feeling awesome about being single, reminding you that there are in fact date-able people in the world and hopefully having met some others who sparked enough interest to date for longer than a few minutes.

What is screening?

Dashing Date screens members before they may take part in any of our events.

Screening is a simple process: Those who wish to become a member will answer a few questions and submit a couple of recent photos through our sign up form.

Screening is a vital step in our new member signup process.

Why is screening important?

1. Safety comes first: We are able to ensure that the member we have screened ahead of time is the person who attends the events.

2. We get familiar with members interests: Learning about a member, their likes and dislikes and what they are looking for in a partner helps us better match them with the right people at the right events.

Does everyone get accepted?

No sir! Part of the reason we screen is because we aim for a certain caliber of people.

With the intention to achieve higher match rates, it was important for us to target a specific audience. Screening beforehand allows us to participate as much as possible in selecting the people we think are best suited for our events. We aim for like-minded professionals who share similar lifestyles.

Even more good reasons...

Besides the obvious reasons such as meeting awesome people and the added safety aspect, there are other reasons screening is beneficial.

Dating is an intimate and extremely personal part of life. Our personal approach in building and maintaining relationships with members of Dashing Date is something we are serious about and take immense pride in. We find that understanding your wants and needs is greatly important.

How does it work?

We often recruit people face to face or by chasing them down the street (it’s happened). Referrals from current members and our friends are common too.

But generally, we screen people through our website. New and potential members must first sign up on our site. If all checks out, an approval email is sent welcoming the new member to Dashing Date, often along with event suggestions that are best suited for them.

How do I know if I'm approved?

The time frame within which we get back to each person depends on how many submissions we have in queue, but we surely try our best to make it as soon as possible!


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