Uncle Ronny’s Montreal Blog

A Dashing Review!

We were recently featured in a blog post from one of our Dashing members, Ronny, after he attended a speed dating event of ours. Ronny (AKA Uncle Ronny ), keeps his own readers up to date on anything and everything Montreal in his local blog cleverly titled, “rontreal”.

You will find us listed under Dating Services and Events for Singles in Montreal, and although we are mentioned in the mix of a few other companies, our review certainly stood out and made us feel special! For starters, we had a personalized shout-out dedicated to our Dashing speed dating host, Kavita. We were also recognized for well organized events, the screening process we have in place for new members, and last but not least, our favorite line in the post: [Dashing Date] can be a viable option for those wishing to meet the “cream of the crop”. Oh la la!

Read the full blog: Click here

Overall rating: Delightful! Thank you Uncle Ronny!

-The Dashing Team