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You will find our Date-Working’s listed among our Upcoming Events . The structure is that of a mixer, allowing our guests to socialize and chat with one another in a trendy and relaxed ambiance. As these events are far less structured, there is no speed dating involved.

Our “Special Edition” Date-Workings are a tantalizing twist to the regular events! They may adorn a holiday theme or involve a brunch/ dinner party, be specific to a certain age group (40+) or include a showing, such as an Opera.

Watch the video above from our Valentine’s Date-Working Special Edition Event which included Tango Lessons and a Palm Reader!

Why you should Date-Work:

As opposed to networking, the purpose of Date-Working is to connect and make friends with other single professionals, be it of the same or opposite sex.

Wouldn’t it be nice to meet other unattached people that have the mutual interest in meeting their potential match? It’s important for Dashingly single individuals to expand their social single circle.

Our Date-Working events provide busy professionals the time to unwind in style, while having the opportunity to socialize and connect with a number of other Dashing single professionals.

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