We love to hear how our Dashing Daters feel about our events! Their reviews are also a great way for new and curious members to get an idea of how we run things, what others have experienced and a sense of what the events are all about.

I attended the Dashing Date Brunch event and found that the brunch was very professionally hosted and organized! The environment was friendly, the food was great and the people I met were interesting. Thank you!
I have been to three events put on by Dashing Date and I have always been impressed on how well they are organized and the quality of the people chosen to attend. Kavita does a wonderful job hosting the events from giving a warm welcome to all the guests as they arrive to making sure the event runs smoothly until it ends. I always walk away completely satisfied and recommend this service to all the singles out there looking to connect with other special people.

I heard Dashing Date being interviewed on the radio one day on my way to work and right away I could tell that Kavita, the owner, was such a “people” person.

The event I attended was Speed-Plating where Kavita welcomed us right away and made us feel at ease. During the event I had to ask her if she had eaten yet? She was very busy making sure everyone was having a good time.

Right after signing up as a member with Dashing Date, I received a welcome letter and before I even got home from the event, there was a letter waiting for me, thanking me for attending. The next day my matches were received. Kavita really puts her “all” into the events.
I am very confident I will find the right connection, and I will most likely owe it all to Dashing Date!

After attending a couple of Dashing Date events, I must say that I’m really impressed with Kavvita and how she organizes the events. Her hospitality and  choice of participants are top notch. Even if you don’t meet the “right” person, you would at least have a great outing in town with plenty of nice conversations with interesting people. It’s a win-win situation.


Overall, it’s a great experience. The events offer a good chance to meet new people and make new friends, just like I did. Plus, the ambiance, entertainment, cozy places, music, and the tips that Kavita (the organizer) carefully chooses for the speed dating events, transport you totally into a different zone where you forget about the nervousness, open up and enjoy the conversations that are flowing in the present moment with interesting people. I definitely recommend speed dating to everyone!

Dashing Date is the only speed dating company whose events I would ever attend. Kavvita, the organizer  has always provided a warm and inviting atmosphere and has made the experience of speed dating easy and fun. I have met some interesting and dashing people and have always had matches from the events that have resulted in some really great dates.  I would highly recommend this to anyone who is looking to date either casually or seriously.

I had one of the most fun experiences going on mini dates organized by Dashing Date. The chosen venues are always impeccable, the music and the ice breaker activities are always well thought out and greatly appreciated. I’ve been to their events a few  times and I’m always impressed by Kavita’s (the organizer) warmness and dedication. Their devotion to ensure us having a good time and finding the right person was demonstrated in each planned event. My experience with them was amazing and I always have a marvellous time. Thank you! Thank you and thank you again!

The Speed Dating Experience offered by Dashing Date was phenomenal. They have targeted the right age group for what I want, and offered the right environment to develop a serious connection.
The venue chosen was pleasant considering there are so many cafés and bars to go to if you really hit it off with the right person. The place was not too loud so you were able to hear the person you were talking to. The place had proper lighting so you did not have the ‘club’ feel too early.
The props offered such as, palm readings and the name tag associations allowed us to start conversations and ease away any shyness that we would experience in these type of events. More importantly the timing of the Tango dance was perfect as it allowed us to know if we were really comfortable with the person we are sharing the speed dating experience with.
I look forward to future events as the ambience and audience is exactly what I am looking for.


I’ve really enjoyed the experience of going to the Dashing Date events. They find the perfect venues, it’s always a good atmosphere and are run by a great host who helps you feel comfortable. I had a blast at the event, met several great ladies which has resulted in a couple fun dates. I think it’s something everyone should try!

I had a great time and met a number of interesting and beautiful women. Speed Dating made it easy to make a good first impression and the dates I went on after the event felt more natural. I think this was partially due to the atmosphere that the team from Dashing Date successfully created. I was impressed by the extra effort and I could feel that the event was organized with care by motivated people.

Every single girl in Montreal must have Dashing date on her to-do list. The whole experience is fun, just the way dating should be. From the stylish venues, the organizers of the event and the dashing daters they all compliment each other.

Just wanted to thank you for organizing some great Speed Dating and Date-Working events this summer, I attended 3 and enjoyed them all. I met interesting and dashing women and even made friends with some guys! And loved the venues….Keep up the good work and looking forward to attending some more events soon.

Dashing Date is a fun, innovative way to meet new people. Whether it be through speed-dating or “date-working”, the organizers screen clientele to ensure that they get the best of the best matches at their events. I have recommended their service to all of my single friends! Great job DD!

As a 30 year old single girl, it’s been pretty hard to meet new and exciting people. I kept an open mind and went speed dating with Dashing Date. I ended up meeting some very cool people that night and made some new friends! It was totally unexpected, and I actually met a really great guy that I am currently dating! I’m so glad I went that night. :)

This week I went to my first ever speed dating event, which was a ‘Date-working’ event set up by Dashing Date, and I had a great time!

Kavvita, the organizer, has a natural skill at making each and everyone welcome and fit into the group, which really reduces the chance at awkward moments and leads to an extremely pleasant evening!

I was very surprised with the crowd that was present. I guess I carried some unwarranted prejudice that speed-daters might be below average in terms of looks or social skills, but the stunningly beautiful ladies that were present really showed me how wrong I was. Everybody was friendly and outgoing, and the fact that we knew we were all single and present for the same reason made it so easy to talk to each other.

Participating to this event was definitely one of the best decisions I’ve made, because even though I didn’t go home with a date, it gave me a huge boost in good mood and dating enthusiasm, the kind that only interacting with single women can provide. Even now, days after the event, I am more open to talking to strangers than I was before, like my battery of optimism has been recharged.

There is another Dashing Date event next month and I didn’t think twice before registering to it! I am excited to try the more traditional speed dating setup of the upcoming event and I already can’t wait to be there.

Dashing Date is a great way to meet new and interesting people and the venues they pick are fantastic! I definitely recommend!

I always had a lot of fun at Dashing Date’s events. I liked everything about them: the venues, the food, the host and most importantly all the dashing women! I met a lot of attractive and smart women that I wouldn’t have met otherwise. Speed dating is the best way to get awesome dates and Dashing Date is the best at it!

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