31 Days Left Of December And Time Is On Your Side

clock-face-with-hand-approaching-midnight-jpg-550x0The most magical time of the year is finally here! 2016 is coming to a close, can you believe it?

Now is the time to end the year on a high note. You can still knock something off your bucket list, do something out of your comfort zone or reach an exciting goal. Time is on your side. So, get moving and do whatever it takes to smile and make yourself proud! It’s in your reach to make 2016 a year to remember. If you don’t know where to start, here are a few simple ideas to get the wheels spinning.


1. Pick one thing that inspired you on paper and put it into action

You probably came across a number of articles, blog posts or even quotes, that inspired you this past year but, didn’t put any of those great tips into action. Maybe something about spending more time with family or just drinking more water. We are constantly nodding our heads or smiling as helpful tips go by in our newsfeeds but very rarely following them. Now is the perfect time to put something you nodded at into action.


 2. Review your resolutions from the start of the year

Grab your phone, scroll through your Notes and dig up your 2016 resolutions. Review. What can you still accomplish that was on your list? You don’t have to reach the entire goal before the year is over but pick something that is likely to wind up on next year’s resolutions and get your feet wet. Think of it as a head start.


3. Try something new, anything at all and it doesn’t matter how small

Doing something new or different doesn’t mean it has to be big or over the top, you can keep it simple. Cut bangs, cook a new recipe, watch a foreign film, learn five sentences in another language. Don’t over think it, just do something new for yourself.


And hey, if you want to go big – no one is stopping you. Make December a month to remember. Time is on your side.


Image from forums.techsoup.org

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